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I am a Software Developer in Seattle. I have been working at PicMonkey since August 2014.

Mission Statement

My passion for software development comes from a drive to problem solve. There are many fields where I can problem solve, but software development gives me the fastest feedback with the most powerful tools.

At the same time I like to share and teach. While I don't want to become a teacher or professor, I enjoy helping others learn important concepts. Even when people are not interested in actually learning to program, there are ways to share the gains made in computer science.

Tools are what I'm all about. Creating something to help people get a job done better or faster. This passion is evidenced in my portfolio-- I wrote a tool for analyizing Go games, I wrote a "list-commands" function for unix, I routinely write python scripts to assist my own code and data management. The most polished tool would be PaletteComp, and it's a prime example of using web technologies to make a one-purpose design tool.


At Moz (formerly SEOMoz) I worked on the Inbound Engineering team to maintain and improve on the marketing, payment and accounts portion of Moz. I helped the team move from an old payment system to Zuora. I was also involved in making a Backbone.js app for the customer support heroes at Moz.

I worked at Tag Creative Studio for 16 months doing full-stack web development. Tag Creative, a web design and development firm, grew from 8 to 16 people while I was there. I got a lot of experience working quickly with small teams. We were too small to specialize, so all of the developers learned how to use all levels of the projects we worked on. As a first job it was a phenomenal learning experience.

My programming education is from on the job experience and self teaching. To kick start my learning I got a Certification in Python programming from the UW Professional & Continuing Education department which I completed in May 2011.

In May of 2009 I graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a B.S. in Biochemistry (with Honors and a minor in Entrepreneurship). In early 2010 I worked at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Dr. Shou's lab. I had the opportunity to program with R, the statistical language, and LabView (to automate a microscope). I hadn't programmed in some years, and I was reminded how much fun it was! I will always love biology, but I decided to pursue computer science as a career.


I can elaborate on my skills on request, or you can see how I've used them in my Portfolio.


Email: pconerly at gmail dot com
Cell: 503-758-9929